5 techniques to improve Your Site’s Ranking Using SEO

Have you questioned yourself, despite having a beautifully designed website with great content but are people finding you and visiting your webpage?

With the constant growth of social media, organic search is still a crucial but vital website traffic driver, and it’s not going away anytime soon. That is why it is quite significant to improve your search engine ranking so the audience can find you more conveniently and easily than your competitors. That’s what actually search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.

Even though you are aware of all the basics of SEO but still that this guide will certainly give you an action plan of the finest ways to improve search engine rankings. So, if you are still asking, “How do I enhance or improve my search rankings?” keep digging and read.

1- Use Keywords Strategically

Your SEO camping will not at all work if you don’t do proper homework on keyword research. The keywords that you are going to use have to be as precise to your products as possible. They should not include any sort of marketing vibes. They should sound very natural and should be easy to go through and understand.

Try to focus on publishing high-quality content on regular basis rather than achieving keyword perfection. You also have to emphasize long-tail keywords as they are more targeted, specific and result in better conversion rates.

2- Page load speed

Every person even the experts neglect this vital aspect of SEO. Seeing the trend, we have observed that GOOGLE prefers websites with fast load speeds and inclines to rank them higher in search results.

We have to admit the fact that users usually leave a webpage that takes more than a few seconds to load. This generally results in a reduced number of pages viewed, increased bounce rate, and low dwell time, and all these factors can adversely affect your SEO efforts.

Therefore, to increase the loading speed you have to optimize images, install caching plugins, streamline and clean the code, minimalize redirects, allow compression, and delete useless or unneeded plugins.

Both external and internal links somehow greatly impact your search engine optimization and when it comes to improving your Google search result, you have to give some time to review the linking strategy.

Take out some time to look for some new opportunities for building reputable links back to your content. Maybe you have a broken link that is no longer working, or perhaps an improper URL was entered by anyone who is publishing the content. Or it could also be because of a site page being removed.

No matter, whatever the reason is, you don’t have to ignore any broken links as these can impact your search engine rankings. Try any site crawling tool to discover the broken link and then work to fix them.

If you want to build quality links, you will need to start by generating content that is worth linking to. If you are having a better quality of your content, there are more chances that others will link to your articles or blogs within their content. And that is indeed a good way to improve Google search results cost-effectively.

4- Website Architecture and Navigation

If your visitors are having a tough time finding the required information right away, your webpage will have a high bounce rate. Your site must have a well-constructed architecture and easy-to-understand directions. This will help a reader immediately find what they are searching for on your web page and come back more often. The more repeated visitors on your website, the better will be its standing.

5- Header Tags are Important

People don’t usually bother to even look at walls of the content, nothing to talk about reading them. You can greatly improve and enhance the user experience of your page by properly formatting your entire content. Good content formatting certainly makes people spend more time on your website and return frequently. This will also indicate to Google and other search engines that your internet site contains some high-quality relevant content.

You can also break your content into easy-to-read and utilize sections while using header tags. We have also seen Google giving more weightage or importance to keywords if they are used in header tags. You can actually lift your ranking against certain keywords by placing them appropriately in header tags.

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Do I need coding skills for SEO?

You don’t have to learn search engine optimization programming to be successful in SEO. Many Content Management Systems only know the basics of SEO built-in functionality and just follow step-by-step directions to improve the back-end part of their website.

Still, there is no harm in knowing the basic level of SEO programming skills. It can help you to rectify technical issues and work with the web developer to deal with these problems. Understanding the coding basics can also enable you to look at the source code of the competitor’s web page and find the key features related to your campaign.

Final Thoughts

Traffic is surely the ultimate lifeline of your website and any online business. If your web page does not have enough traffic, you simply can’t even think to succeed. It is very essential to put an effective and appropriate SEO strategy in place to fascinate more qualified traffic to your website.

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