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A Comprehensive Guide to Monetize Your Website: Clicks to Profit

It is quite relieving when you can earn from your comfortable home space without having to work a 9 to 5 job and wasting your time in long commutes. You can be your own boss and make deadlines for yourself that are not too tight or too loose but adjust with your schedule. The fact that you don’t have to work under some chronic pressure is itself a joy.

You might have felt that there is a bombardment of information over the internet and finding the right way to monetize your website becomes challenging and makes you want to give in.

Considering this, we have brought you a comprehensive guide that gives you insights into the ways you can earn by making and monetizing your website.

What is Website Monetization?

Website monetization is the technique of making money through a website or blog by bringing in more and more traffic and then using that website as an advertising platform for businesses that want to advertise their content. Without users visiting the website, you won’t be able to monetize it. So, website traffic is the key to monetizing a website.

It is important to note that patience, effort, and commitment will take you to your dream goal. Attracting visitors at the outset will not be a piece of cake and will require a positive mindset. You should keep in mind that many bloggers who now earn active or passive income from their websites have taken a bumpy ride before reaching a smooth road.

Website Monetization Requirement

There is one essential website monetization requirement that other successful bloggers follow and if you pursue it, you will acquire the attention of your right audience quickly:

Engaging, Relevant, and Meaningful Content

People prefer clicking on sites that seem to be valuable and authentic sources of information. The quality of the content matters a lot when one has to capture the interest of a massive audience and keep them interested. High-value content enhances the significance of the website and increases credibility, further building the trust of the targeted audience and making them certain that they can rely on your website to seek the right details. One has to make sure it is unique and doesn’t violate copyright regulations. You have to ensure that your content is unique, useful, and doesn’t violate copyright regulations.

Long story short, make a website, craft effective content, sustain the quality, amplify your visitors’ base, and make money.

How to Monetize a Website?

The right way of website monetization depends on your niche, intended audience, and personal interests. Similarly, how much you will earn depends entirely on your goals, your website, and the efforts you put in.

Best Ways to Monetize a Website

Listed below are some of the finest ways to get started with the monetization of your website:

1. Google AdSense

You can collaborate with Google AdSense by filing an application and earning money by letting Google display ads from advertisers on your website. If a user visits your website and clicks on the ad, then the advertiser will pay Google, and in return, you will get paid by Google. We also call this pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In this way, Google acts as a broker between you and the advertiser and keeps a part of its share. You will most likely receive your payment after the 20th of the month.

To begin with, strive to get at least 50 views every day. This shows you that you are taking the right steps in the right direction. Remember, Google AdSense pays you for the number of clicks on the ads, not the views. The more clicks you get on the Google displayed ads, the more money you will be able to make.

2. Direct Advertising

You can also monetize your website without Google AdSense by directly working with the advertisers. This process would demand your extra effort but helps to keep the entire earnings. You have to make your presence on platforms like LinkedIn and SellerCrowd that demonstrates your website figures to the advertisers, so they get attracted and willing to invest. If you have a slightly fewer number of visitors in the beginning, you might not be able to earn much from this method. Once you are successful in achieving heavy traffic, you will benefit from this method and will have an edge to discuss the price and ad position. Also, whether you get paid for impressions or clicks.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Getting affiliated with businesses that want to sell their products and services is another effective way of monetizing a website. With this technique, you promote the company’s products and services and motivate the users to buy them via a particular link. When the readers purchase those products, you will get compensated for them in the form of a certain share of the sold product. Affiliate Marketing works great when you are writing content that revolves around promotion, product reviews, and instructions. You can either use the direct method or the implicit one to do it.

4. Content Charges

When you reach the phase where you have achieved dedicated readers, then you can directly ask them to pay for getting access to your content. Whether they will pay once or every month, is something that you will decide on your own. You can also have a blend of free and paid content to retain traffic coming to your site.

5. Funds

If you don’t want to impose the content charges, you can also put up a request to your committed readers to donate. This might not be the most powerful way to monetize your website but will earn you some passive income. You can integrate a button for donation on your website while using some other method of monetization to attain fruitful results.

6. Selling

This practice involves the selling of your own products (E-commerce) and services. It can be any tangible or digital item like an ebook, illustrations, cover, design of shirts, etc that you would like to sell.

7. Website Flipping

Another exciting yet time-taking way is to purchase a website that is already monetized, do the smart work to double the traffic, and then put it on sale. For a guide on website selling, you can get an idea from listing platforms of websites, especially Empire Flippers.

8. Sponsored Content

With this form of website monetization, you get paid by businesses for crafting and publishing content for them on your website. The content can vary from product, offer, sales related promotions to positive reviews, graphics, and videos.

Top Website Monetization Platforms

The most famous and best website platforms for monetization based on their functionality are listed below:

  1. Google AdSense: If you want to monetize your blog then Google AdSense can show ads of Advertisers on your website and help you earn money.
  2. Amazon Associates: Being an Affiliate Marketing platform, you can use Amazon Associates and generate revenue when readers click on provided links in your blogs and purchase Amazon products.
  3. Taboola: With this platform, the ad will be displayed in the form of recommendations after the content.
  1. Shareasale: Shareasale is an affiliate marketing platform that has a wide range of affiliate programs offered by businessmen.
  1. Impact Radius: Impact Radius is the best platform for bloggers who want to partner with businesses for Affiliate Marketing.
  1. Ezoic: This platform of monetization is perfect for individuals who do blogging and get high visitors from the US. 
  1. Infolinks: This platform is used for advertising in-text. 
  1. Media.net: Media.net provides publishers with monetization opportunities. They display ads on your webpage and maximize your earning possibilities.
  1. Sovrn Commerce: It monetizes outbound links for blog writers, startups, and growing businesses.

Can You Monetize a Website for Free? 

Yes. You can monetize a free website with no financial investment. This is the most common question we get to hear, as people are afraid to risk their money on something that is not quite reliable from the start. So either you can commence with a free website or a paid website that charges under $100.

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