Win a Competitive Edge and Play Big with AI in Digital Marketing

Win a Competitive Edge and Play Big with AI in Digital Marketing

In this Internet age, brands are striving hard to build a good online presence, maximize traffic, and achieve credibility among the netizens which will help gain strong brand perception and recognition. This rat race of similar businesses competing to stand out has taken a massive turn. We have witnessed the marketing world evolving from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing and are now stepping into a new era of AI-based Digital Marketing

How is AI Changing Digital Marketing

As a branch of computer science, Artificial Intelligence focuses on designing smart machines that have human-like intelligence and can help people to automate tasks. The use of Artificial Intelligence has become prevalent in the contemporary period as it is enhancing efficiency and assisting in executing tasks in less time. Automation is one of the leading notions behind the application of AI. 

AI Digital Marketing is transforming the way marketers perform. Now they can predict product demands, identify ideal buyers, get compelling content ideas, analyze stats, and amplify the customer experience, all with the magic of Artificial Intelligence.

Benefits of Employing AI in Digital Marketing

AI is benefiting Digital Marketing in the following ways:

Effortless Analysis of Data

AI makes your analysis process convenient, simpler, and swift by scrutinizing big-volume data that would otherwise take a lot of your resources, time, and effort.

Personalized Customer Targeting

AI gives marketers an advantage to reach out to customers specifically by assessing their activity and behavior patterns. Through personalized targeting, the chances of an online visitor converting into a lead increase. 

Enhanced Productivity and Effectiveness

With AI assistance, Marketers can boost their performance by spending more of their time on planning and creative tasks while letting AI be their helping hand for analyzing data or completing repetitive tasks in bulk.

Saves Human Resources Cost

As AI serves as a human assistant, it is cost-effective and cuts the price that comes with hiring several resources for the task accomplishment. With less manpower and AI support, now work can be carried out smoothly. 

Persistent Learning and Refinement

AI improves the learning process of Marketers as its algorithms keep on updating based on new customer data. This also gives a golden chance to Marketers to satisfy their customers with insights into real-time stats.

AI Digital Marketing VS Traditional Digital Marketing

AI Digital Marketing has taken an edge over traditional digital marketing as it offers characteristics that are in favor of Marketers and digital marketing agencies. Following is the visible difference between the usage of traditional digital marketing and AI-driven digital marketing.

Traditional Digital Marketing 

AI-Driven Digital Marketing

Emphasis on personal experiences 

Focus on data and analytics

Expensive and requires more human resources

Less costly and requires fewer human resources 

Takes more time and compromises speed 

Saves time and increases efficiency

Limited enhancement 

Ability to improve with updated data

How AI Assists Digital Marketers with Strategies and Content

According to a survey conducted in the United States of 1,000 Digital Marketers regarding AI usage, 209 are already incorporating it in their strategies. 46.72% of Freelancers, 39.1% of In-House Marketers, and 37% of Agency Marketers find it convenient to explore the power of AI tools for their marketing-related task assistance. 

AI speeds up the workflow of Marketers in the following ways:

Brainstorming/ Ideas Generation

Finding a topic idea that is relevant and interesting for the target audience is crucial. AI tools can effectively suggest a list of the best topics to begin with. 


Research is the prime step to content creation. It is the foundation of any good quality content and consumes hours or even days. With AI research tools like or Semantic Scholars, you can accelerate your data collection and get your work done quickly. 


It is significant to organize the researched information in the form of solid outlines to compose clear and complete content that is both user-friendly and Google-friendly.

Content Creation

Marketers are using AI tools to create partial or entire content. However little tweaks are still required to give a human touch. This saves a lot of time and effort while giving you an advantage to effectively utilize time on other significant tasks like client dealing, planning, or management. 


While Marketers are writing content, they might make grammatical, spelling, or other mistakes that need editing. To make this task easier, AI editing tools like Grammarly or Hemingway help to proofread 1000+ words in no time. 


To make the marketing procedures complete, it is essential to report on the work progress or results. AI tools are also handy in making reporting a less tiring process.

Future of AI in Digital Marketing

AI is expected to evolve and create a major impact in the Digital Marketing world. Following is the predicted future of AI in Digital Marketing in the coming years:

Multiplied Personification

 Marketers are already concentrating on personalized data to identify their ideal customers, their behaviors, and their preferences for compelling targeting. AI plays a powerful role in predicting the next steps of consumers so that marketers can function accordingly to attract traffic and generate revenue. AI is supposed to make more accurate forecasting in the future. 

The popularity of Voice and Image Search

Voice search is in the boom and gaining more prominence with the passing days. People prefer to use AI voice for quick searches rather than text. Likewise, Image search is becoming popular and AI identifies products by analyzing images to provide recommendations. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

Chatbots are used by organizations to respond to customer queries promptly for improved customer service. In the next years, Chatbots are predicted to assist with advanced operations like personalized suggestions, bookings, and buying. 

Detailed Data Analysis

AI can analyze large data and give insights that are quite valuable. In the future, it is anticipated that AI-powered analytics will recognize trends, track results, and facilitate upgrading campaigns for better ROI. 

Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing will be the next trending marketing in the future where AI predicts which visitors turn into buyers, churn, or returning customers. So, the conversion rate can go up with targeted campaigns.


No, AI cannot replace human marketers. It is there to complement human marketers by automating routine tasks and providing data-driven insights. It aids marketers and allows them to focus on strategy, creativity, and relationship-building. 

No, some of the tools of AI are absolutely free. While others that have advanced features have different pricing plans from which you can select the one that suits your budget and requirements.

Ethical concerns include potential bias in AI algorithms, data privacy issues, and the responsible use of AI in marketing. It’s essential for marketers to address these concerns proactively.  

AI doesn’t breach customer privacy in fact it can enhance it by personalizing content without exposing personal data. However, it’s crucial to adhere to privacy regulations and handle any data with responsibility. 


There is always some resistance or rising concerns when a new technology surfaces but weighing the pros of AI digital marketing has shown us that exploring it and utilizing its maximum potential will do wonders and can take marketers or agencies on a prosperous journey of effectiveness and sustainable growth. 

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