Everything about DM for small business

4 Incredible Reasons Digital Marketing Is What Every Small Business Owner Needs

Digital Marketing Guides You To Target “The Right Audience”, It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing, It enables to outrank larger competitors and the effectiveness of digital marketing can be measured.

Digital Marketing is the need of the day

Electronic Devices on a desk - digital is the need of the day

The number of people who regularly use the internet continues to increase. According to Forrester, more than 40% of US adults are familiar with online marketplaces, and over 65% of these adults make transactions through marketplaces.

As a result, people’s shopping and purchasing habits have shifted, making offline marketing less effective than it once was. COVID-19 scenario with the prolonged shutdowns has also affected every aspect of a business. Especially for small business marketing teams, it is prime time to be introspective of their marketing techniques.

Small businesses can get benefit from full suite of digital marketing services or can choose from website development, SEO, SMM, content marketing, or email marketing, as per the business needs.

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The small business owner should first know the reasons to go digital.

Small business owners have to understand that digital marketing and online advertising is not to be held off. Yet, to get the best results, understanding the landscape is important to keep up with the trends.

So here we are to explain what digital marketing for small business entails.

Digital marketing includes the marketing efforts based on the use of the electronic devices and internet connectivity.

It is the set of activities to advertise and sell your products by employing online channels and devising the strategies

The effort is focused on the use of search engines, website development, and optimization, email marketing social media platforms, mobile phone advertising. The goal of all these is the same as in traditional marketing, i.e. identifying and attracting target audiences, building brand recognition, and improving brand reputation. 

Everything about DM for small business

Making the right connections with the right people at the right time has always been at the heart of marketing. That means you’ll have to track them down where they spend most of their time.

Digital marketing is critical for brand recognition as it perks up the advertising for products and services on the online channels. Easily customizable for mobile users, it also instills trust and motivates prospective buyers to take action.

It is the best option in present-day scenario for marketing small businesses.

Majorly, there are four reasons every small business owner should know why they need digital marketing. 

Let us elaborate on these for you

Traditional marketing gives you no influence over who sees your commercial. Digital marketing helps you to reach a highly specific audience and deliver customized, high-converting marketing messages to that audience.

It allows you to carry out the requisite research to determine your customer’s profile, as well as fine-tune the business marketing plan to find out you are targeting your potential buyers. 

DM enables you to target specific subsets of your target audience. This is useful, particularly if you are selling several goods or services to various buyer personas.

As the business owner, you have the full power over when and how much you invest your money on digital. It helps you to track campaigns regularly and save you money if you are spending on a low-performing channel that isn’t delivering a high return on investment. Traditional modes of advertisement cannot be analyzed in the same way. 

A DM strategy helps you to pivot on the right place, meaning you’re never spending money on ineffective platforms.

Digital marketing, on the whole, is a cost-effective approach that offers you exceptional ways to get the best bang for your buck.

As a small business, competing with the big brands in your industry capable of spending millions of dollars on television ads or national promotions is undoubtedly challenging.

Fortunately, there are several ways to outrank the major players by implementing strategic digital marketing strategies.

A girl taking inventory record – DM for small business

You can select a few keywords that are important and relevant for the product or services, and develop high-quality content. You can use this content to rank for those keywords in search engines.

Search engines aren’t concerned with the popularity of the brand; they prefer to prioritize the content that resonates better with the target audience.

Influencer marketing on social media is a viable option that helps you to explore new markets.

Digital marketing presents you with an all-inclusive, detailed view of all significant metrics like clicks, shares, impressions, views, and time spent on the page. The biggest limitation of traditional advertising is its restricted measurability.

Digital marketing enables small business owners to get precise results derived in real-time, unlike offline marketing efforts.

You cannot estimate how many people paid attention to the advertisement in a newspaper. There is no certain way to know if any sales were prompted by that ad.

It allows you to monitor the return on almost every part of your marketing activities. 

Digital marketing is predictable, repeatable, and scalable. Therefore, any company in any sector can benefit from digital marketing, regardless of the magnitude and nature of business. 

In the digital landscape, you can find innumerable ways to add value to your small business and skyrocket your revenues by expanding its reach. You can get imaginative and play with a variety of marketing approaches while being on a budget because digital marketing presents so many choices and strategies. 

You can also monitor the success of your digital marketing campaigns by using tools like analytics dashboards and also measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Last, remember the digital landscape is changing every day so should your marketing strategies to make the best out of it.

Digital marketing is critical for brand recognition as it perks up the advertising for products and services on the online channels. Easily customizable for mobile users, it also instills trust and motivates prospective buyers to take action. Besides, it is inevitable in the present-day scenario for the survival of small businesses.

Majorly, there are four reasons every small business owner should know why they need digital marketing. 

Let us elaborate on these for you

Content Writing Tools

12 Amazing Free Content Writing Tools |Master Content Creation Without Breaking a Sweat

Content Writing Tools

Transform your content creation from dreary to fantastic with the best free content writing tools online.

The ever-increasing demand for content poses a constant challenge for a content writer to create unique, high-quality, objective, and intriguing content.
To keep producing exceptional, well-researched, readable, understandable, and grammatically correct content, we all need the best writing tools for content creation.
And that without spending a dime, Yes!
There are a lot of content writing tools open-source that offer an array of features. We have outlined the best of the top content writing tools in 2021. You will find free content writing tools for SEO on the list, as well as the tools for producing high-quality content. This is a must-have collection of content writing tools for beginners.

best content writing tools

At the end of the article, you will get a Bonus Tip to amp up your game!
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Best Content Writing Tools

The tools used for content creation are listed below, along with their best features are elaborated in the following section

Grammarly is by far the most popular free content writing tool for digital writing and editing. It ensures that your content is flawless in terms of grammar and language.

You may set your target according to the value, formality, domain, tone, and purpose parameters. It also gives you information about the word count, reading time, vocabulary, and readability score.

The premium version also offers features like plagiarism check, human proofreading, and solutions for additional writing issues in your content, such as wordiness, missing prepositions, and styling issues.

Quillbot is the best paraphrasing tool that lets you control the change you want in your content with the help of its Word Flipper. You can enhance the quality of your content by rewriting any article incorporating the vocabulary enhancements.

It also provides the feature of “summarizer”, which condenses the content to key points, and the “grammar checker” to correct grammatical errors.

The only problem is that its free version lets you paraphrase a maximum of 700 words in one go.

If you write for brands all over the world, you may switch back and forth between British and American English, which can be perplexing. This “UK vs US Spelling List by Tysto” is a blessing for such authors.

It gives you a detailed list of around 1800 words and the derivatives between American and British spelling. You can always refer to this resource for correct spelling usage.

A content writer’s life should always involve a dictionary and thesaurus. Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus is one such resource that enhances your overall productivity by providing multitude of synonyms and translations of complex words.

The dictionary and thesaurus are incredibly useful for all content types, whether it’s a social media post, a blog article, a feature article, or technical writing.

Portrait of young attractive African American thinking boy, sits

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that helps you improve SEO for your content. Additionally, the “content ideas” feature shows all of the popular blog posts relating to your desired subject, their backlinks, and search traffic.

It garners information on what your consumers are interested in searching on the internet. Decide on a particular topic and type the words on the search tab of the tool. This tool will help you get pertinent keywords and questions posed by readers on search engines regarding the topic. 

These keywords and questions result from what your target consumers are interested in and asking on different search engines. 

Google Analytics is one promising resource for all of your content marketing activities. Google Analytics can help you gain insight into the various factors that affect your company’s performance. It lets you visualize data from various digital marketing channels.

You must produce content that is useful to most of your audience and piques your focus group’s attention. Google Analytics aids in the detection of behavioral trends, desires, and demographics that provide insight into the type of content you can make.

The title of your content is what should grasp the attention of the reader and appeal to them to continue reading. It is very important to give enticing titles to your blog posts and articles to intrigue the target audience to lead more traffic and shares.

 TweakYourBiz’s Title Generator app relieves you of the hectic task of finding the most appropriate title. You type the subject you want to write about and this free online tool generates a long list of titles to choose from.  

It is not only the best free content writing tool to generate a title for your current blog, but also gives you many ideas for your future blogs and articles.

Readability is critical to the quality of the content in terms of user engagement. Since the average adult in the United States can read at a 7th to 9th-grade level, you must keep the content within that range to maximize readership.

Weava tool gives you a quantitative overview of your content’s readability and a ranking based on up to six different indices. It also offers text statistics such as total words, sentences, complex words, and average words per sentence. The features allow you to enhance the structure of your content.

The most critical and time-consuming aspect of content production is research and analysis. This exceptional content writing tool allows you to arrange all of your research materials in one place, highlight relevant facts, and take notes.

You can organize your content highlights into collections with Weava, also collaborate with your team using cloud syncing.

This tool is useful for those who are working on research papers or dissertations that need thorough curation. It also allows you to generate citations for your research work in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard styles with minimum effort.

SmallSeoTools is a free tool with an array of features to help you fine-tune and polish your writing.

It is one of the top-ranking tools for plagiarism check, but its grammar checker, image to text converter, text to image converter, and article rewriter are few other features.

Although it is predominantly a digital dialogue forum, it is one of the most important platforms for content writers in 2021.

Most of your target readers are involved on sites such as social media and Quora. Consumers use these forums to pose questions on a wide variety of subjects. You can organize and plan articles based on the questions asked on this site.

One resource that makes teamwork easier is Google Sheets. It assists in the dissemination of pertinent knowledge to the team members. Offline editing is one feature you can use. You can also use it in combination with other Google services such as Google Slides and Google Docs for real-time spreadsheet editing and sync to your drive.

Your Google sheets are automatically synchronized through all of your computers. You can also monitor the changes you made to the spreadsheet using the revision history function.

The content writing tools elaborated in this article will make creating content smoother. You will have more time and energy to focus on improving the quality of your content.

We hope some of these content writing resources are just what you were looking for.

You should get subscriptions of Premium or Pro versions of these tools only when you are sure that the cost of these subscriptions is covered in the project for which content is created.

If you want to suggest any other content writing tool or feature, you can comment in the comments section.

Revamp Your Dull Website Like A Pro With These 3 Simple Tools

Add some zing into your digital products

The omnipresent website on digital devices is the gateway to your business, a window that unveils the first impression of your products and services. Customers visit your business website to explore what you are offering and what value they can get. Your business website should tell your story in a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing way. It should be captivating enough to overcome a visitor’s short attention span and keep them intrigued.

People have a propensity to remember how something or someone made them feel about a certain thing, event, or experience. Satisfying people by meeting their basic needs is mandatory; amazing people by a little something is extraordinary. Both are important to strive for as a business website owner. Simple, yet delightful moments created by you to bring a smile to your customer’s face will not only enhance their experience but will also give something to remember about your brand.

Why Creating A Memorable Customer Experience Matters?

According to surveys, a dull website can be ruinous to the success of your website, which negatively affects your web presence. If your potential customers leave the website within few seconds, it costs you more than the cost you bear for maintaining a high-value website. Your web presence also reflects the credibility of your business. The tired-looking website that is not capable of drawing visitors is a red flag and a tell-tale sign that your website needs freshness.  You must find ways to transform your website smartly and aesthetically without making it appear cluttered.

The direct correlation between sales, overall attractiveness, and user- friendliness of a website is a fact. Businesses simply cannot afford to keep up with their boring and outdated website. If you want your digital products to thrive in today’s competitive market, it is inevitable to invest in the uplift of your business website. Uplift “the face of your business” to attract the right customers and make them stay a little longer.

It is always a good idea to hire a Website Developer or a Front end Developer who can employ their craft to add extra detail for enhancing your digital experience.  

But, here is the catch; it is not always necessary to invest money for the uplift of your website. There are many budget-friendly ways to get the job done.

So stay put,

In this article, you will be able to explore useful tips to elevate your digital product without investing money. You can breathe new life into your website for an enhanced and more memorable customer experience. By doing little adjustment here, fine-tuning there, and little tweaking you may be able to get more for your business. Now, “more” of what matters for your digital product? “Customer Referrals”, Yes. If you do a great job at creating a memorable user experience you will surprisingly push the referrals graph upwards.

First Things First

An aesthetically appealing website can serve as a cherry on the top. However, the exciting content doesn’t compensate for the basic requirement of meeting customers expectations through the products offered.

So, before moving forward you need to answer these questions to get the best of this article. Does your product do what you promise your customers? Have all bugs been fixed? Is it user-friendly? If the answer to these questions is all-Yes, then your product meets the basics and you can focus on employing these tips and tools for enhanced user experience.

Amaze your audience and elevate your brand!

Two Secret ingredients to Revamp Your Website

Generally speaking, Animations and illustrations are the ingredients that are helpful to supplement your business website with some freshness and newness.

The animation is a great way to bring the story of your brand to life as it instantly captures visitor’s attention. You must have noticed that as users we are turning to visual content and videos to quickly understand what a seemingly complex product or service can do. You can use animations to subtly convey complex messages in a way that is easy to grasp for the audience. An animated video is an effective way to present the solution to a problem within a minute, also creating an emotional connection between your visitor and your product.

You can find a wide range of options available when it comes to Animations. Besides animated videos, animated logos are a powerful tool to engage the audience. This also helps present your business as a dynamic brand that embraces the latest digital trends to reach its customers. With pacing digital transformation and progress lengthy slideshows are replaced by bite-sized animations that enable businesses to broadcast valuable information in a concise and interesting fashion.

To animate and choose which animation you want CSS animation and CSS keyframes is a good place to start with.

Digital illustrations are an effective yet simple way of setting a tone for your brand by promoting the lighthearted face of your business. You can create an exclusive visual style for your brand to stand out from the competitors. There are myriads of options to choose from as illustrations come in different shapes, colors, and sizes to fit seamlessly into any web design.

To present dull statistics in an intriguing way, infographics and data visualization techniques and tools are employed widely. These methods effectively bring dull raw data to life and enable you to convey messages or visions that are engaging and vibe authenticity.

You don’t have to rely on cliché (stock photography). Fiddle around with your creative nerve, indulge in your unlimited imagination and create original, personal digital illustration design oozing with authenticity.  Tote up videos, blogs, images, brochures to boost your marketing campaign. These unique infographics and illustrations can breathe new life into your marketing campaign and leave a lasting impression on your website visitors.

The good news is that you do not have to do all this on your own; digital illustration services are available to help achieve your goals in this arena. Professional illustrators can transform your concept into your website design by using creativity and innovation.

Now, moving on to the nitty-gritty

It is not always big stuff that is required to add some zest to your website, sometimes micro-adjustments and focusing on little details can make a big difference for the overall presentation of the product. Other than animations and dramatic effects, some simple tricks such as changes in hover state or action states can bring delight to users. To dwell deeper and know the practical steps to make changes you can check out this (Blog/Video). A simple addition of a line in CSS can do wonders by making such states feel nicer to the audience.

In this video below you can see the difference in a button’s hover state with and without a CSS transition. You can experiment with CSS transitions like color, width, height, and more to see what you can create.

Motion interactivity or motion that occurs in the context of users interacting with a digital product plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of the product. Motion graphics is a fundamental part of  theuser experience. Movement can be created through several graphic design elements like different shapes, typography, and composition.

Animate key elements when they are loading, employ fade-in and fade-out to move content on and off the screen. Adding a little horizontal or vertical movement to key elements can subtly draw attention to vital elements. Easing is another technique for creating more lifelike movement. An effective way of introducing motion is by incorporating it to build the page; for example, the page elements may load with scrolling instead of appearing at once. See here

Parallax scrolling is an excellent way of engaging visitors even if introduced subtly. If you want to add a little drama to the movement in your page you can couple animation with something like this see video:

Adding a little motion here and there in your website can go a long way for drawing attention to key elements of a website. These movements enhance the user experience subtly and effectively.

The key to success here is;

 Try variety

Less is more

Timing is very important

If you consider these three points, you can slip-in just enough motion to make it captivating, intriguing and appealing without being distractive.

You can find a plethora of resources to learn motion design. You can get inspiration from people like Aristide Benoist and find out amazing things you can do to complement your website with simple code. You can also visit webpages like Awwwards to explore what is possible.

Learn more about motion design for digital products here and if you want to hire a freelance motion designer for the job visit here.

Your product should meet the basic need of customers but not everything your product does, need to serve a purpose. Delightful elements as we are advocating enhance the user experience and that is what we aim for through our websites. However, such additions should not be distracting.

An excellent example is Google, as they balance function and fun in their Doodles. The logo is replaced from time-to-time, keeping it relevant to whatever going on around for one day only. The special logo is sometimes an image, illustration, or animation that not only brings in fun elements but serves the original purpose of increasing search results. Apart from animations and special effects, many websites have introduced games.

  • Easter Eggs

This is another effective way of enhancing the user experience on your website. Unlike  Doodle, Google search easter eggs have less focus on function yet fun way to engage the audience. For example;

  • Monica Geller (features her cleaning OCD)
  • Joey Tribbiani (features pizza, hot dogs, and sandwiches)
  • Ross Geller (PIVOT!)
  • Search: “Google Gravity” and see what happens!
  • Search: “askew”, Zerg rush” etc
  • Type “Pacman” or “Solitaire”and play with Google
  •  The Harlem Shake special effect was one of my favorites on YouTube
  • You get to play a Stranger Things themed arcade game when you type in the Konami code on Polaroid Originals website

If you are interested in learning to code and creating a few Easter Eggs yourself, start learning development skills using HTML, Javascript Python and CSS. You can search for small tutorials to learn the basics on GoSkills development courses and then employ those skills.

  • Joke or Riddle

Another surprising feature to engage customers is a joke or a riddle. It is nice to include little things to put a smile on your user’s face. Such sweet treats should not distract them from the actual purpose and function of your website and product.

  • The Brand Mascot

The introduction of a playful brand mascot is another way to have fun with your website. Your customers will surely have a moment of delight by these interactive mascots. You show your passion for your brand and can win engagement and customer loyalty too!

Bonus Tips

In this article, few options are presented to give some life to your digital brand or product. These suggestions are elaborated here to include practical steps and tools for implementing each technique. 

Here are some extra tips to consider:

  • Use an interesting avatar and placeholder profile images
  • Avoid the boring and stale copy. Be original and unique
  • Converse with customers; they are people, not data holding some money.
  • Establish your unique personality by being friendlier.
  • Set the tone of your headlines, calls to action and content reasonably humble.
  • Add a practical and exciting fun page.
  • Last, but not least adopt moderation and tasteful selection.

There is nothing like a “one size fits all” solution for businesses. You can pick and use from the suggestions made here, whatever suits best for your website.

3 Enticing Ways To Improve Your Data Organization, Don’t Waste Time

While working on any project or task, the most important step is organizing all the data related to the project you are working on.

Why Organizing?

They can rapidly become disorganized once you build, accumulate, or start utilizing data and developing files. This is a task that should take top priority in your to-do list. You and your colleagues should discuss how you will name and organize files and directories to save time and avoid errors later on. You would be able to add context to your data by providing documentation so that you and others can grasp it in the short term, and medium to long term.

Same is the case with emails as email is increasingly used to store substantial documents and records, often with information related to the attachments inside the email itself. Aside from the obvious annoyance and time spent searching for that email you recall sending to someone last month, they can also be removed by accident without the correct controls in place.

If you delay the process of organizing your data , you are surely going to lose track of all the work you have done and it will consume much of your time and efforts finding the latest and final files or data.

Here, we have outlined the three main areas where organization of data is inevitable for efficient management of time and the practical tips to ensure optimal orderliness.

Selecting the best, concrete and practical way to label and arrange your documents helps you and others to identify and use them easily. Ideally, the perfect time to consider how the documents and directories you make should be called and organized is at the early stages of a project.

Conforming to a title display would help to offer continuity, which will make it easier to discover and remember the records efficiently, forestall type control problems when cohesively chipping away records. By encouraging you and your colleagues to find what you need when you need it, sorting out your documents strategically will save you time.

The need to set up a system that allows you to access your files, reduce complexity, and ensure that your data can be supported takes a little scheduling, whether you are working on a stand-alone computer or on a networked drive. Developing a logical folder structure is a good place to start.

The following tips should help you build a framework like this:

  • Utilize folders – group files in folders so that information about a specific subject is located in one location. 
  • Comply with existing procedures – check your team or department for established approaches that you can adopt.
  • Appropriately classify files – name folders according to the areas of work to which they contribute and not according to individual researchers or students. When a member of staff leaves, this eliminates chaos in the shared workspace and makes the file system easier to access with new members entering the workspace.
  • Be effective– It is important that you stick to it once you have agreed on a technique while creating a naming scheme for your directories. Try to settle on a naming strategy from the start of your research project, if you can. 
  • Hierarchical structure folders – begin with a limited number of folders for wider subjects, and then build more unique folders within these subjects.
  • Split existing and finished work – it is a good idea to start thinking about separating your older papers from those you are actually working on when you start to create loads of directories and files.
  • Try to hold your ‘My Documents’ folder for files that you are currently working on, and transfer the files that you are no longer operating on to another folder or location every month or so, such as a desktop folder, a special archive folder or an external hard drive. 
  • Backup– make sure your files are backed up, whether they are on your local drive or on a network drive.
  • Check documents – periodically or at the conclusion of a project, review materials to ensure that files are not kept needlessly. In your calendar, put a note so you don’t overlook!
  • Generating file name

At the start of your project, settle on a file naming convention. 

File names that are useful are: 

  • Coherent 
  • Relevant to you and your colleagues
  • Enable the file to be easily identified.

It is helpful if the following elements of a file name are agreed by your department: 

  • Vocabulary– pick a standard file name vocabulary, so that everybody uses a popular language 
  • Punctuation-decide on conventions to use punctuation marks, capitals, hyphens and spaces on when and when 
  • Dates-agree on the rational use of dates so that they are chronologically displayed, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD
  • Order – affirm which feature can go first, so that files are listed together on the same theme and can therefore be easily identified. 
  • Numbers – determine the amount of digits that will be used in the numbering process so that the files are numbered, e.g. 01, 002, etc.
  • Name your files incorporating the latest version

There are very few papers drawn up in one session by one person. More likely, many persons will be involved in the process and it will take place over a prolonged period of time. This can easily lead to uncertainty as to which version is the latest without sufficient controls.

To overcome this, a format is outlined below

  • Using the numbering scheme’ revision ‘. For example, v01 would be the first version, v02 would be the second version, and any significant changes to a file could be indicated by integer numbers. For instance, minor modifications can be indicated by increasing the decimal number, v01 01 indicates that a small tweak change has occurred to the first version, and v03 01 has made a minor change to the third version.
  • When draught data has been obtained for revision, they should bear additional details upon return to identify the person who made the adjustments. Example: A file with the name datav01 20130816 SJ suggests that on 16 August 2013, a colleague (SJ) made changes to the first version. Those modifications will then be added to version v01 by the lead author and rename the file after the numbering scheme for the revision.
  • Have an ‘error handling table’ alongside the required version number of the document for each significant document, listing updates and their dates. You may include the file names themselves, along with the version number, if helpful. 
  • Agree on who will complete the finals and classify them as ‘final.’

Most people these days regularly exchange loads of messages every day and, as a result, hundreds of personal and work-related emails can very easily congest their inbox. Setting aside some time to arrange your emails will ensure that information can be retrieved and safely stored quickly and easily.

There are a number of instant steps you can take to control the issue if your emails have gotten out of control: 

  • Get your old emails archived. Transfer them to a new folder named “History” if you have hundreds of emails lingering around from over a month ago. At a later date, you can still come back to these ones.
  • Go via your remaining email inbox now by email. Delete it when an email is useless. If not, ask yourself: is it ‘active’ – do you, or anyone else, need to take a concrete step, or do you just vaguely think it’s worth keeping? Transfer it to the archive if the latter.

To ensure your email stays structured in the long term, here are some specific steps: 

  • Remove emails that you don’t use. Delete from your inbox any trivial or old messages and send things on a regular basis.
  • To store messages, use directories. Establish a structured directory of files by subject, operation or project. 
  • Separate emails that are confidential. For these, set up a separate folder. Ideally, any personal emails to your work email address should not be sent.
  • Limit attachment use. To share data where possible, use alternative and more reliable methods (see ‘data sharing’ for options). Exercise version control and save large attachments to other sites, such as a network drive, if attachments are used.

By implementing these techniques you can surely save yourself and your colleagues’ lot of time and spare efforts to be put in other areas of the project.