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Forest Town


Forest Town is the first Housing Society in Islamabad with the exceptional idea of connecting mankind with its true roots in nature. Being a beacon of sustainable living – this real estate project promotes a biophilic lifestyle with a prime focus on eco-friendly infrastructure, green spaces, and biodiversity. Profoundly considering the subtle needs of its customers, they present a thriving approach to a healthy lifestyle. 

Through collaboration with the CXS team for Digital Marketing outreach, they acquired the scope to showcase their brand’s identity in a light that truly reflects their authentic values.

Brand Identity

Forest Town’s close cooperation with the CXS team resulted in a new brand positioning strategy with an overall emphasis on the brand logo redesign, slogan, color scheme, themes for maintaining  visual identity of the brand on all channels, and developing brand persona. As a first step, concept based logo options were designed for Forest Town, and after a series of discussions and iterations, the logo was selected to connect the visual identity with the project’s unique features. 

Client’s preferences and valuable feedback were incorporated to further polish the plan of action. Thus ensuring satisfactory deliverables that boosted brand awareness.

Establishing Dominance on Social Media

A proper social media strategy was devised, using both organic and paid campaigns. Social media posts and ads were designed with the motive of creating awareness, expanding reach, generating traffic, and engaging users with meaningful content that was conveyed through a compelling ad campaign with ad spend of almost 200K. The main goal was to help people resonate with the brand and its values – making them thrilled about a high quality standard of living.


Above the Line (ATL) Marketing

Through a meticulously crafted Above-The-Line (ATL) strategy, CyberXStudio has not only propelled Forest Town into the limelight but has also cemented its position as an industry leader by  impactful branding. We delivered brochures and an influential documentary that grasped the essence of Forest Town’s core identity.

Revamp for Enhanced Brand Visibility

Through integrated techniques, CXS took on the task of remodeling the website with a design layout, contextual coherence among webpage copies, and search-engine-optimized content. The CXS Team developed a user-friendly website that strengthened not only the aesthetics but also the message’s comprehensibility for the visitors. To improve the customer’s experience with the brand, a File Verification system was integrated into the website to facilitate the customers.

Forest Town

Results and Impacts

Brand repositioning, digital presence upscaling, and management of the online profiles, including the website and social media handles, served as catalysts for brand recognition. With ad campaigns significant results were achieved in terms of leads generation. Forest Town experienced a transformation in its brand image and acceptance by the intended audience, which was a digital marketing success on our end.

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