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12 Amazing Free Content Writing Tools |Master Content Creation Without Breaking a Sweat

Content Writing Tools

Transform your content creation from dreary to fantastic with the best free content writing tools online.

The ever-increasing demand for content poses a constant challenge for a content writer to create unique, high-quality, objective, and intriguing content.
To keep producing exceptional, well-researched, readable, understandable, and grammatically correct content, we all need the best writing tools for content creation.
And that without spending a dime, Yes!
There are a lot of content writing tools open-source that offer an array of features. We have outlined the best of the top content writing tools in 2021. You will find free content writing tools for SEO on the list, as well as the tools for producing high-quality content. This is a must-have collection of content writing tools for beginners.

best content writing tools

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Best Content Writing Tools

The tools used for content creation are listed below, along with their best features are elaborated in the following section

Grammarly is by far the most popular free content writing tool for digital writing and editing. It ensures that your content is flawless in terms of grammar and language.

You may set your target according to the value, formality, domain, tone, and purpose parameters. It also gives you information about the word count, reading time, vocabulary, and readability score.

The premium version also offers features like plagiarism check, human proofreading, and solutions for additional writing issues in your content, such as wordiness, missing prepositions, and styling issues.

Quillbot is the best paraphrasing tool that lets you control the change you want in your content with the help of its Word Flipper. You can enhance the quality of your content by rewriting any article incorporating the vocabulary enhancements.

It also provides the feature of “summarizer”, which condenses the content to key points, and the “grammar checker” to correct grammatical errors.

The only problem is that its free version lets you paraphrase a maximum of 700 words in one go.

If you write for brands all over the world, you may switch back and forth between British and American English, which can be perplexing. This “UK vs US Spelling List by Tysto” is a blessing for such authors.

It gives you a detailed list of around 1800 words and the derivatives between American and British spelling. You can always refer to this resource for correct spelling usage.

A content writer’s life should always involve a dictionary and thesaurus. Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus is one such resource that enhances your overall productivity by providing multitude of synonyms and translations of complex words.

The dictionary and thesaurus are incredibly useful for all content types, whether it’s a social media post, a blog article, a feature article, or technical writing.

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Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that helps you improve SEO for your content. Additionally, the “content ideas” feature shows all of the popular blog posts relating to your desired subject, their backlinks, and search traffic.

It garners information on what your consumers are interested in searching on the internet. Decide on a particular topic and type the words on the search tab of the tool. This tool will help you get pertinent keywords and questions posed by readers on search engines regarding the topic. 

These keywords and questions result from what your target consumers are interested in and asking on different search engines. 

Google Analytics is one promising resource for all of your content marketing activities. Google Analytics can help you gain insight into the various factors that affect your company’s performance. It lets you visualize data from various digital marketing channels.

You must produce content that is useful to most of your audience and piques your focus group’s attention. Google Analytics aids in the detection of behavioral trends, desires, and demographics that provide insight into the type of content you can make.

The title of your content is what should grasp the attention of the reader and appeal to them to continue reading. It is very important to give enticing titles to your blog posts and articles to intrigue the target audience to lead more traffic and shares.

 TweakYourBiz’s Title Generator app relieves you of the hectic task of finding the most appropriate title. You type the subject you want to write about and this free online tool generates a long list of titles to choose from.  

It is not only the best free content writing tool to generate a title for your current blog, but also gives you many ideas for your future blogs and articles.

Readability is critical to the quality of the content in terms of user engagement. Since the average adult in the United States can read at a 7th to 9th-grade level, you must keep the content within that range to maximize readership.

Weava tool gives you a quantitative overview of your content’s readability and a ranking based on up to six different indices. It also offers text statistics such as total words, sentences, complex words, and average words per sentence. The features allow you to enhance the structure of your content.

The most critical and time-consuming aspect of content production is research and analysis. This exceptional content writing tool allows you to arrange all of your research materials in one place, highlight relevant facts, and take notes.

You can organize your content highlights into collections with Weava, also collaborate with your team using cloud syncing.

This tool is useful for those who are working on research papers or dissertations that need thorough curation. It also allows you to generate citations for your research work in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard styles with minimum effort.

SmallSeoTools is a free tool with an array of features to help you fine-tune and polish your writing.

It is one of the top-ranking tools for plagiarism check, but its grammar checker, image to text converter, text to image converter, and article rewriter are few other features.

Although it is predominantly a digital dialogue forum, it is one of the most important platforms for content writers in 2021.

Most of your target readers are involved on sites such as social media and Quora. Consumers use these forums to pose questions on a wide variety of subjects. You can organize and plan articles based on the questions asked on this site.

One resource that makes teamwork easier is Google Sheets. It assists in the dissemination of pertinent knowledge to the team members. Offline editing is one feature you can use. You can also use it in combination with other Google services such as Google Slides and Google Docs for real-time spreadsheet editing and sync to your drive.

Your Google sheets are automatically synchronized through all of your computers. You can also monitor the changes you made to the spreadsheet using the revision history function.

The content writing tools elaborated in this article will make creating content smoother. You will have more time and energy to focus on improving the quality of your content.

We hope some of these content writing resources are just what you were looking for.

You should get subscriptions of Premium or Pro versions of these tools only when you are sure that the cost of these subscriptions is covered in the project for which content is created.

If you want to suggest any other content writing tool or feature, you can comment in the comments section.

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